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Drought shadow looms over deep south -Harish Damodaran & Amitabh Sinha

(June-September). Reservoir levels in the Cauvery basin have fallen lower with back-to-back monsoon failure and Karnataka is headed to Assembly elections in barely eight months. If Maharashtra, particularly Marathwada, was the epicentre of drought in 2014 and 2015, that has now seemingly shifted deep southward to a stretch covering the old Mysore region and coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In 2016, south interior Karnataka recorded 22

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Think beyond loan waivers -Ramesh Chand & SK Srivastava

as about 40% of farm households reported zero income from such sources. Increasing debt burden Modern agriculture requires investment in farm machinery and use of purchased inputs like seed, fertiliser, agri-chemicals, diesel and hired labour. Most often, savings generated from unremunerative crop enterprise are inadequate for such investments. Rising expenses on health, education, social ceremonies and non-food items put additional financial d

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Govt admits PM crop scheme lapses

Singh also picked loopholes in the green revolution ushered in by Indira Gandhi, arguing that the entire focus was on increasing production without considering its ill-effects and the need for supporting infrastructure. He said the green revolution also contributed to regional imbalance. Singh sought to demolish the charge that Modi had gone back on his word by asserting that the Prime Minister never p

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Farm crisis: Landless may be better off, but landed are worse off; here is what you should know of rural distress puzzle -Pranjul Bhandari

nomy has improved, and two, that the rural economy is in the doldrums. Some macro indicators have improved, though. The rural unemployment rate has been falling, while rural wages have been rising, particularly on a real basis. Alongside, indicators such as two-wheeler sales and consumer non-durables production have ticked up recently. But, instances of rural distress and farmer suicides are rife. There is a wave of demand for farm loan waivers. Four

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Rural India's distress conundrum -Ishan Bakshi

-Business Standard Leading economic indicators suggest a recovery is underway It’s difficult to make sense of what’s happening in the rural economy. On the one hand, leading economic indicators suggest a recovery is underway. As Chart 1 shows, unemployment is down and real wage growth is up. Two-wheeler sales are also up — suggesting a recovery in household demand. Yet, rural sentiment has weakened of late as shown in Chart 2. Please click here to access the cha

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Maharashtra makes drip irrigation mandatory for sugar cane cultivation -Abhiram Ghadyalpatil

consumer more water as compared to drip irrigation. The environmental lobby has often argued that one of the major causes of chronic drought in Marathwada is cultivation of sugar cane that disproportionately exploits the limited irrigation potential in Maharashtra. Only 18% of Maharashtra’s cultivable land—22.5 million hectares—is irrigated. A Maharashtra Water and Irrigation Commission formed under former Central Water Commiss

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The draft laws for organic foods, if cleared, will adversely affect small farmers -Chandra Bhushan

-Hindustan Times The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s new certification regulation is going to hinder the growth of the sector. Instead of targeting small farmers, why not make laws that require mandatory labelling of foods grown with pesticides, chemicals or GMO etc? The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) recently announced the Draft Food and Standards (Organic Food) Regulations, 2017, aimed at curbing s

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Potential of farm exports not fully tapped, says study

hese domestic commodities were in the ‘non-tradable’ zone as their prices were between the relevant exportable/importable reference prices, according to the study titled ‘Price distortion in Indian agriculture.’ It has stated in case of commodities like rice, groundnut, cotton, buffalo meat, onion, banana and potato, the Indian prices were 90% to 100% of the time below their corresponding export parity prices. “For sug

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Niti Aayog and health ministry prepare model contract for privatising urban health care -Nitin Sethi & Menaka Rao

tions with states, industry and other stakeholders took place across the country to prepare the draft. The details Under the model contract, these private hospitals will provide secondary and tertiary medical treatment for cancer, heart diseases and respiratory tract ailments at prices that are not higher than those prescribed under government health insurance schemes. For non-communicable diseases needing these three kinds of specialised treatm

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The People Are Watching -Rakshita Swamy

Government has an opportunity to enhance use of social audit to monitor schemes In contrast to its rhetoric, the current government’s record on transparency, accountability, and citizen participation has been uninspiring. Even essential laws such as the Lok Pal and the Whistle Blower Protection Act are yet to be operationalised. However, recent developments on social audits, the conduct of which actually finds a place in the BJP’s 20

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