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Drought shadow looms over deep south -Harish Damodaran & Amitabh Sinha

reme Court directive. It triggered violent protests in Mysore and Mandya, spilling over to even Bengaluru. Traffic along the Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway came to halt as vehicles with Tamil Nadu registRation plates were burnt by pro-Kannada groups who also targeted Tamilian-owned shops and eateries. This year too, there’s great worry. Reservoir levels in the Cauvery basin have fallen lower with back-to-back monsoon failure and Karnataka is hea

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Think beyond loan waivers -Ramesh Chand & SK Srivastava

apacity of farmers by improving and stabilising their income is the only way to keep them out of distress Indian agriculture is characterised by low scale and low productivity. About 85% of the opeRational landholdings in the country are below 5 acres and 67% farm households survive on an average landholding of one acre. More than half of the area under cultivation does not have access to irrigation. Agriculture income generated at average size of

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A new movement is born -Yogendra Yadav

on. But such stories tend to miss the real point. Farmers’ movement is adjusting to the new realities of Indian agriculture and the changing nature of Indian politics. This is the third geneRation of farmers’ movements. The first geneRation comprised a series of peasant rebellions in colonial India. The Mappila peasant rebellion; Gandhian Satyagrah in Champaran, Khera and Bardoli; and Tebhag

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The draft laws for organic foods, if cleared, will adversely affect small farmers -Chandra Bhushan

of fake organic products, and it might do more harm than good to the organic farming movement in India. The demand for a regulation on organics itself is suspect, as it is led by the Crop Care FedeRation of India (CCFI), which represents pesticide companies. In December 2014, CCFI released a report, prepared by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), on pesticides in organic vegetables from Delhi. Interestingly, IARI has not made this re

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Niti Aayog and health ministry prepare model contract for privatising urban health care -Nitin Sethi & Menaka Rao

nks and ambulance services with the private players. The state government could also provide part of the funds needed by these private players to set up the new hospitals. The district health administRation will ensure referrals for treatment from primary health centres, community health centres, disease screening centres and other government health programmes and ventures are made to these private hospitals. To ensure that adequate numbers of pati

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The People Are Watching -Rakshita Swamy

vernment’s record on transparency, accountability, and citizen participation has been uninspiring. Even essential laws such as the Lok Pal and the Whistle Blower Protection Act are yet to be opeRationalised. However, recent developments on social audits, the conduct of which actually finds a place in the BJP’s 2014 manifesto, open up an opportunity. The recent report of a joint task force on social audit has made unanimous recommendatio

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Illegal transfers: Adivasis in Chhattisgarh plan to criminally prosecute firms that hold their land -Raksha Kumar

Bhengari and Nawapara Tenda villagers of Gharghoda tehsil in Raigarh district, found out that more than 680 acres of their land was now held by two companies – TNM Energy and Mahavir Coal CorpoRation. According to the Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act, 1996, in areas like Raigarh where more than 50% population is tribal, land owned by Adivasis cannot be transferred to non-Adivasis without the consent of the Gram Sabha or the vill

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Why the eNAM platform hasn't taken off despite all the fanfare -Rajalakshmi Nirmal

emicals’ eNAM co-ordinator for the two States. The company had won the contract for design, development and maintenance of the eNAM application. The Maha Farmers Producer Company, the fedeRation of FPCs in Maharashtra, was unable to trade on the eNAM platform in Latur, one of the largest markets for pulses in the country. “We wanted to see if we could trade on eNAM as the online system will ensure fair auctioning and there will be

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India's children need a better deal -V Ramani

ions. Not surprisingly, most states in India still record distressingly high rates of maternal mortality. Underweight, unhealthy mothers deliver low birth-weight babies, perpetuating the inter-geneRational cycle of malnutrition. India’s children, therefore, start with a handicap that is exacerbated by economic and social factors as well as a lack of focused attention from the huge paraphernalia of Public Health and Integrated Child Developmen

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Why is vegetarianism in India linked to purity? -Nandini Rathi

dly instincts such as sustainability, animal welfare, ethicality and inclusivity. It therefore should have been a matter of pride that nearly 30 per cent of Indian population, as per the sample registRation system (SRS) baseline survey 2014, are vegetarians — a number vastly greater than any other country. Indian vegetarianism, however, manifests with markedly different values — and one of its signature features is to cultivate a social di

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