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Making the most of the new industrial policy -Janak Nabar

illion) is about the same or more than that of Indian industry, while Microsoft spends (around $12 billion) about the same as the Indian government. Regarding the second point, the consequence of the Inflation-targeting framework and its impact on Indian industry via the exchange rate (resulting in cheaper imports from China) would need to be studied in greater detail. Industrial R&D—India an outlier If India has to realize its ambitio

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Forget fast growth, India is barely holding on. Just look at the data -Chaitanya Kalbag

al Production rose just 1.2% in July compared with a 5.2% rise in July 2016. IIP for the manufacturing sector inched up only 0.1% in July, compared with a rise of 6.3% in July 2016. Consumer price Inflation rose by 3.36% in August, up sharply from 2.36% in July and a cheering low of 1.54% in June, driven mainly by higher food and fuel prices. Since ‘dynamic’ daily pricing for petrol and diesel was introduced in June, prices have shot up

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What can be done to revive India's sluggish economic growth? Here's what five economists prescribe -Mayank Jain

s budgeted expenditure, he argued, it needs to spend more to spur investment and demand in the economy to push up the growth numbers. “The argument against fiscal spending is that it will be Inflationary, ratings downgrade will happen, interest rates will go up, or debts could become unsustainable,” Ranade said, “but right now, the situation is very dire.” Please click here to read more.

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Indian economy in a tailspin: What went wrong -Asit Ranjan Mishra and Gireesh Chandra Prasad

eriod, propelling overall economic growth. “While farm output was growing at 3%, farm income was increasing by 7.5%. Income of the poorest was growing rapidly (and) that drove growth as well as Inflation,” he said. The problem began in 2013-14 when things started to reverse. Global food prices came down while the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) still maintained a restrictive monetary policy. Growth in the minimum support price (MSP) of sele

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With Prices Rising Post-GST, Has the Government Taken the Public for a Ride? -Arun Kumar

t capture much of this price rise since services are not a part of this index and constitute 60% of the production in the economy. Consequently, the rise in prices of services is not reflected in the Inflation index based on WPI. Since it is the prices of services that have risen the most in the last several years, Inflation is being grossly underestimated. Why have the prices of services risen? Because the

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Do the maths: India's first bullet train isn't 'free of cost' as Modi claims -MK Venu Business Standard Over 50 years, the loan repayment value will be much higher based on the Inflation differential Prime Minister Narendra Modi has claimed the bullet train offered to India by Japan is virtually free of cost. A 50-year yen loan amounting to Rs 88,000 crore at 0.1 % interest is being described by the prime minister as free of cost. This is patently absurd. India can have as many bullet trains as it wants on these

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Cash transfers may replace rations for women and infants -Shalini Nair

lity that the money is spent on other things,” she said. “Moreover, our experience with cash transfers, be it old-age pensions or scholarships for needy children, show that it is never Inflation indexed. This would mean that entitlement in the form of cash transfers would fail to keep pace with the rising food prices,” said Sinha. The recent National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 4 data shows that 35.7 per cent of children under

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Petrol, diesel price rise saga explained -Abhik Deb

-The Economic Times Change in fuel price indeed has far reaching effects as its impact ranges from daily budget to macroeconomics like Inflation numbers. The rise in petrol and diesel prices has been making news for the last week or so. Change in fuel price indeed has far reaching effects as its impact ranges from daily budget to macroeconomics like Inflation numbers. Here is a roundup of what is ha

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Rural distress may lessen even as agriculture growth may stay flat -Sandip Das and Banikinkar Pattanayak

(GVA) for the agriculture and allied sector above the expansion in real term in Q1FY18 for the first time in five years, but the situation may reverse as early as the second quarter. This is because Inflationary pressure has returned from July with the post-harvest seasonal hardening of food prices and a conducive base effect has waned, especially at the retail level. This means the GDP deflator for the farm sector is set to rise during the second qu

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Himanshu, an associate professor in economics at Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University, interviewed by Nitin Sethi (

strial Production for July released on Tuesday came in at 1.2%, after contracting 0.2% in June, showing that manufacturing has not picked up. On the same day, the Consumer Price Index showed that the Inflation rate had risen to a five-month high of 3.4%. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley acknowledged that the GDP numbers for the April-July quarter were of concern. But then, BJP president Amit Shah told businessmen that the slowdown in the economy was d

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