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Judicial probe cry

s students are living and studying within the university premises and their safety has to be guaranteed by the head of the institution," the letter says. It cites BHU students' allegations of Gender discrimination at the hostels, such as "curfew timings" in the girls' hostels, where only vegetarian food is served while the boys' hostels serve non-vegetarian meals. It says the girls are, unlike the boys, forced to sign affidavits r

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Soli Sorabjee, Former Attorney General of India, interviewed by Anuradha Raman (The Hindu)

rily divorce a woman. Yes, you can profess and propagate any religion under Article 25, but this is subject to other provisions in the Constitution. Article 14 (equality) cannot be achieved by having Gender discrimination. But what I saw was a community upsurge against the women fighting against triple talaq. Why can’t the woman be given the right to give triple talaq to her husband? It won’t happen. The women who fought were seen as anti-

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Trade Unions Reject the Wage Code Bill 2017

the Code significantly weakens the Equal Remuneration Act, one of the four laws it seeks to replace. CITU states, “The Equal Remuneration Act has been completely diluted by restricting it to Gender discrimination only in respect of payment of wages, doing away with other types of discrimination related to recruitment, conditions of service such as promotion, vocational training, transfer etc.” Similarly, NTUI says, “The entire

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Nutrition, still a tough challenge for India

oods and suffer undernourishment Hyderabad: The nourishment of adolescents continues to be a challenge in India, says a study by the National Institute of Nutrition. The institute studied both the Genders’ eating pattern and it was found that there was a decline in millets and animal protein. NIN said many adolescents were going for status foods and suffer undernourishment. Dr B. Sesikeran, an ex-director of NIN, said, “Proteins fro

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Women cry for farm rights

ntry in the capital demanding a separate identity as "women farmers" with access to the same rights and entitlements as their male counterparts, besides land records classified according to Gender. A key issue pertains to the ownership of land as patriarchy continues to deny women such rights which, in turn, blocks their access to subsidies and other inputs provided by the government. According to the Agriculture Census of 2010-11, only 1

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After Triple Talaq, a Look At the Other Discriminatory Personal Laws That Need to Go -Shalaka Patil If the legislature is serious about introducing Gender parity in personal laws, it should not focus all its energies on one particular religion. In light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to abolish instant triple talaq, a number of ostensible protectors of Muslim women in Indian politics came out in open support of the decision, lauding the cleansing of this oppressive religious practice. Of course, the government was t

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Why govt-subsidised Amma, Indira canteens are lifesavers -Reetika Khera

sponse to a “market failure” (such as high inflation) in the market for street food. Fixed price meals can protect the urban poor from the brunt of inflation. Three, there is an important Gender dimension to canteens. It provides respite to women from packing lunches (invariably this task falls on women) for working members of their families. Further, in several states (such as Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu), the canteens are run by women, prov

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The 5 Women Who Led The Fight Against Triple Talaq -Nidhi Sethi

qual. Zakia Soman of the BMMA said, "We have reproduced verses from the Quran about talaq, negotiations and how it should happen over a minimum period of 90 days. The second argument is about Gender justice. There is no ambiguity in the Constitution of India about all citizens having equal rights." NDTV, 22 August, 2017, please click here to access

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Instant talaq outlawed -R Balaji

Justice Kurian Joseph a Christian, Justice Nariman a Parsi, Justice Lalit a Hindu and Justice Nazeer a Muslim. One of the most important aspects of the majority verdict is that it sought to ensure Gender justice by reconciling theology and law. "What is held to be bad in the holy Quran cannot be good in Shariat and, in that sense, what is bad in theology is bad in law as well," Justice Joseph said.   The majority v

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Diane Coffey, visiting researcher at Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi) and also assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin, interviewed by Sagar (

hat manner.” International organisations, I think, don’t know how to negotiate these issues. I am hoping that [this will go the way], for example, that we see of conversations around say, Gender [taking place]—it was less politically correct to be talking about that [earlier]. I hope that people from India and the government and international organisations will feel more comfortable talking about what is it that caste has to do with

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