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Think beyond loan waivers -Ramesh Chand & SK Srivastava

-The Hindu Strengthening the repayment capacity of Farmers by improving and stabilising their income is the only way to keep them out of distress Indian agriculture is characterised by low scale and low productivity. About 85% of the operational landholdings in the country are below 5 acres and 67% farm households survive on an average landholding of one acre. More than half of the area under cultivation does not have access to irrigation. Agr

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Govt admits PM crop scheme lapses

"We have asked the states to set up their insurance companies. Punjab and Gujarat have decided to have their own companies. Other states should follow suit. If the states are keen to protect the Farmers from malpractices by private companies, they should take this step immediately." Singh, however, contested the Opposition's allegation that private companies had made windfall profits through the crop insurance scheme. "There are comp

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A new movement is born -Yogendra Yadav

-The Tribune Over 150 Farmers’ bodies have come together on a common agenda IS the Farmers’ movement in India entering a new phase? Six weeks is too short a window to answer this question with certainty. But the nature of Farmers’ protest across the country since the beginning of Farmers&rsquo

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Maharashtra makes drip irrigation mandatory for sugar cane cultivation -Abhiram Ghadyalpatil Farmers who opt for drip irrigation will be given loans at 2% rate of interest with a cap of Rs. 85,400 per hectare Mumbai: In a significant move, the Devendra Fadnavis government in Maharashtra on Tuesday decided to make drip irrigation mandatory for sugar cane cultivation over 3.05 lakh hectares in the state. Farmers who opt for drip irrigation will be given loans at 2% rate of inter

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The draft laws for organic foods, if cleared, will adversely affect small Farmers -Chandra Bhushan

-Hindustan Times The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s new certification regulation is going to hinder the growth of the sector. Instead of targeting small Farmers, why not make laws that require mandatory labelling of foods grown with pesticides, chemicals or GMO etc? The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) recently announced the Draft Food and Standards (Organic Food) Regulations, 2017, aimed at curbing s

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Potential of farm exports not fully tapped, says study

s for majority of products, the policymakers used restrictive export policies to keep domestic prices low. “This showed the pro-consumer bias and it means that policies more than often harm the Farmers’ interests, whose scope of getting higher returns globally are curbed at the prospect of the trade translating into rising domestic prices,” according to study. However, for fruits and vegetables and livestock such as buffalo, trade

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Illegal transfers: Adivasis in Chhattisgarh plan to criminally prosecute firms that hold their land -Raksha Kumar

ed to the company now. This kind of cheating was happening to people all around, but I did not pay attention to it until it happened to me.” Not only Manjhi, between 2012 and 2017, about 100 Farmers from Khokhraaoma, Katangdi, Bhengari and Nawapara Tenda villagers of Gharghoda tehsil in Raigarh district, found out that more than 680 acres of their land was now held by two companies – TNM Energy and Mahavir Coal Corporation. According

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Why the eNAM platform hasn't taken off despite all the fanfare -Rajalakshmi Nirmal

-The Hindu Business Line Most States have not amended APMC Acts; existing mandis lack infrastructure The eNAM portal, launched by the Centre in April 2016, has 45.4 lakh Farmers and 417 mandis across the country registered with it. This number is disappointing, given that there are more than 13 crore Farmers in India. eNAM, which was envisioned as a unified national electronics agriculture mar

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Sowing of Kharif crop completed in 53% of total cultivation area -Sayantan Bera

lses, coarse grains, sugarcane and cotton, except oilseeds. Sowing of kharif crops begins in June and continues through July as the monsoon progresses across the country. During the kharif season, Farmers typically plant around 106 million hectares. The June-September south-west monsoon, which waters over half of India’s farms lacking assured irrigation, has so far seen a deficit of 1% compared to the normal 50-year or long-period average,

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Wait ahead for Farmers for loan waiver -Piyush Srivastava

inistration offices because of poor Internet connectivity. A senior government official who asked not to be quoted said it would be impossible to finish collating the data by the deadline, and the Farmers would need to wait at least an extra month if not more. Government sources told this newspaper that at least 3,500 of the state's 9,000-odd bank branches had yet not provided the data. "Poor Internet connection is the culprit in the rur

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